The Triumph of the Church over Fury, Discord and Hatred

Listers, Christ is victorious. The following selection of Sacred Art depicts the victory of Christ and His Church over sin, death, paganism, and heresy. Often bearing the words victory or triumph in the title, these works invite the observer to contemplating the saving power of Jesus Christ. May Christ the King rule in our hearts both now and always.

1. Triumph of St Thomas Aquinas over the Heretics, 1489-1491, Filippino Lippi

2. Triumph of Christ with Angels and Cherubs, late 1500s, Bernardino Lanino

3. Triumph of Christianity, 1582, Fresco, Palazzi Vaticani, Rome

4. Christ Triumphant over Sin and Death, 16th-17th-century, Peter Paul Rubens

5. Christ Triumphing over Death and Sin, c. 1615-1616, Peter Paul Rubens

6. The Triumph of the Church over Fury, Discord and Hatred, c.1625, Peter Paul Rubens

7. The Victory of Eucharistic Truth over Heresy, 1626, Peter Paul Rubens

8. Allegory of Divine Providence and Barberini Power, c. 1633-1639, Pietro da Cortona.

9. The Triumph of St Augustine, 1664, Claudio Coello

10. The Triumph of the Name of Jesus, 1678–79, Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Baciccio)

11. Triumph of the Immaculate, 1710-1715, Paolo de Matteis

12. Triumph of San Gregorio, 1727, Nave vault fresco, by Placido Costanzi

13. The Triumph of Christianity in the Arts, 1829-40, Johann Friedrich Overbeck

14. Triumph of Christus, 1848, Antoine Wiertz

15. The Triumph of Christianity Over Paganism, circa 1866, Gustave Dore