Listers, praise be to Jesus Christ Our Lord that we are not Puritans. Christ did not change wine into water, he change water into wine; and ever since then our Church has had a long and proud history of brewing and refining alcoholic beverages. The following are several photos featuring Cardinal Ratzinger, German beer memorabilia from Pope Benedict XVI’s journey to Germany, and other papal products for your enjoyment.1


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Cardinal Ratzinger solving the world’s problems over beer.
Cardinal Ratzinger enjoy a hefty glass of beer.
The photo is reported to be Cardinal Ratzinger and Karl Rahner and a third guest enjoying a conversation and beer.

A speciality German beer created to commemorate the Pope’s visit to Germany.
A German beer stein created for the Pope’s visit to Germany.
Beer stein with Pope Benedict XVI’s Code of Arms
A “Cardinal Ratzinger Stein” - “Laying the Smackdown on Heresy”
A beer stein with a photo of our beloved Holy Father


UPDATE: This post was updated on 3-14-13, the morning after Pope Francis was raised to the Apostolic Throne of St. Peter.

  1. SPL thanks Andrea Timm - a lovely lister - for bringing the featured image to our attention and precipitating this post. ↩︎