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Bible Study: 7 Essential Principles for Catholic Biblical Interpretation


SPL Staff • October 1st, 2015

Click to view on Amazon. Listers, "what does a Catholic approach to Scripture study look like?" This is the question Dr. Steven C. Smith takes up in his work 7 Essential Principles for Catholic Scripture Study: The Word of the Lord. The book strikes an excellent balance between academic insights... Read More →

You Do Not Stand Alone: 14 Photos from the Lister Community

Life & Leisure

SPL Staff • January 20th, 2013

Listers, the Catholic life is the good life. Thank you to all those who have recently sent in photographs of how you stand for Holy Mother Church. What is a lister, you ask? Well, listers seek to live the good and virtuous life by pursuing the riches of Christ and his Church. They come from all... Read More →
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