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Aquinas is Not Impressed: 12 Memes of the Angelic Doctor

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SPL Staff • August 26th, 2013

A Selection of Lists on St. Thomas Aquinas The 24 Theses of St. Thomas Aquinas with Citations and Commentary Patrimony of Wisdom: St. Pius X's Exhortation to study Aquinas The Sun that Warms the World – St. Thomas Aquinas What Vatican II Actually Said About St. Thomas Aquinas The 3 Part... Read More →

The Early Church in Jerusalem Followed the Pope: 7 Quotes from History


SPL Staff • January 23rd, 2013

Listers, St. Peter is the Prince of the Apostles and our First Pope. Protestantism at its heart is divorced from history. Protestant "ecclesial communities" sprout up amongst shared value systems generally centered on one dynamic individual. These cults of personality are a far cry from our Early... Read More →

The Apostles Appointed Bishops: 9 Teachings from St. Clement AD 97

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SPL Staff • June 11th, 2012

Listers, the Early Church was the Early Catholic Church. First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians is an orthodox window into the infancy of the Church (AD 97) and particularly into the structure of the Church.1 The Early Church is not an ambiguous or mysterious time. It is a well recorded... Read More →

4 Sources to Understand and Even Defend the Catholic Inquisitions


SPL Staff • January 18th, 2012

Listers, most believe that the "Spanish Inquisition" was a dark and embarrassing era within the Catholic Church. The rhetoric is well known: thousands were imprisoned, non-Catholics were tortured, and a "convert-or-die" travesty swept over much of Europe. However, what if the Church's three... Read More →
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