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Inferno: The 8 Steps of Dante's Journey through Lower Hell

literature Theology

SPL Staff • May 13th, 2017

Listers, the Inferno is an invitation to examine your soul. In addition to the basic journey of Dante the Pilgrim, the notes below examine the Inferno as a story of the soul with a particular emphasis on virtue, vice, and the rationale behind each contrapasso. The contrapasso, as explained below,... Read More →

3 Ways to Excommunicate Yourself

history Theology

SPL Staff • May 28th, 2012

Formal excommunication from the Catholic Church is a rarity.1 However, there are many ways to be excommunicated through one's actions. Here is the short list of ways that excommunication can occur (even without formal, documented excommunication). 1. Be A Heretic "[A] species of infidelity... Read More →
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