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Pre-Cana with St. John Chrysostom: 7 Tips to a Successful Marriage

Life & Leisure Theology

SPL Staff • September 10th, 2012

**Listers, next to converting to Catholicism, the second best choice of my life was marrying my husband. ** Before I converted and before I met my husband, I did not believe that marriage was a sacrament. Not recognizing this great mysterious gift as one of the major sources of grace caused me to... Read More →

The Queen Takes Her Throne: 6 Quotes on the Dormition and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

History Theology

SPL Staff • August 15th, 2012

Listers, today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary in the Roman Church and the Feast of the Dormition in the Eastern Churches. Along with the following selection of quotes, we have also shared a sermon in its entirety by St. John Damascene regarding the Dormition and Queenship of... Read More →

4 Musical Analogies in the Theology of the Church Fathers

Art & Architecture Theology

SPL Staff • July 27th, 2012

1. The Instrument of God "A beautiful breathing instrument of music the Lord made man, after His own image. And He Himself also, surely, who is the supramundane Wisdom, the celestial Word, is the all-harmonious, melodious, holy instrument of God. What, then, does this instrument— the Word of... Read More →

4 of the Most Controversial Lists on St. Peter's List

History Theology

SPL Staff • July 11th, 2012

Listers, brass is mistaken for gold more easily than clay.1 It is easy to say the heathens and Hitlers of the world need Christ and His Church, but what of the Protestants? Are they saved because they worship Christ or is their Christ more a personalized term than a person? Are we prepared to... Read More →

5 Reflections from the Early Church on Saints Peter and Paul

History Theology

SPL Staff • June 29th, 2012

Listers, on this Solemnity of St. Peter and Paul, it is important to reflect on what their martyrdom meant for the early church. Many modern day academics enjoy setting St. Peter and St. Paul in enmity with one another; however, the over emphasis of Galatians 2:11-14 by modern scholarship fails... Read More →

4 Biblical Reasons Mary Is The New Ark of the Covenant


SPL Staff • June 20th, 2012

**Listers, as with all Marian doctrine, a better understanding of Mary only serves to illuminate Christ Our Lord, because every grace she received and every role she held within salvation history  is rooted in Christ. **Her role as the New Ark of the Covenant serves to reveal the true nature of... Read More →

The Apostles Appointed Bishops: 9 Teachings from St. Clement AD 97

History Theology

SPL Staff • June 11th, 2012

Listers, the Early Church was the Early Catholic Church. First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians is an orthodox window into the infancy of the Church (AD 97) and particularly into the structure of the Church.1 The Early Church is not an ambiguous or mysterious time. It is a well recorded... Read More →

Those Who Start Their Own Church Follow the Voice of Satan: 11 Teachings from St. Cyprian AD 250

History Theology

SPL Staff • June 6th, 2012

Listers, our Lord Jesus Christ is not returning to our world for a harem of "churches." There is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and it was founded by Christ and charged by him to St. Peter and the Apostles. However, there are now and always have been those groups that attempt to rend... Read More →

Our Guide Through Modernism: 12 Teachings from Pope Benedict XVI on Aquinas


SPL Staff • June 4th, 2012

Listers in his second lesson on the Angelic Doctor, Pope Benedict XVI moves past the basic biography of Aquinas and into the more fundamental theological and philosophical changes the saint brought to Holy Mother Church. The Vicars of Christ beg us to study Aquinas: Patrimony of Wisdom: St. Pius... Read More →

"Souls Falling Into Hell Like Snowflakes" - 10 Saintly Quotes on Hell


SPL Staff • March 15th, 2012

**Listers, the following saintly quotes focus on the narrow path of salvation and the fewness of those who will apparently achieve the heavenly reward. **In an era that consistently opines a broad if not universal path to salvation, it is difficult but necessary to remind ourselves of the grim... Read More →

7 Things Every Catholic Should Know about St. Ambrose


SPL Staff • December 7th, 2011

**Listers, St. Ambrose is a man of keen intellect and ecclesial effrontery. **Amongst the reasons for his adulations are a tome of wondrous theological treatises, his role in the conversion of the great St. Augustine, and his bravery in denying the Roman Emperor the Eucharist. The Church... Read More →

The Early Church Baptized Infants: 17 Quotes from Early Church Fathers

History Theology

SPL Staff • November 16th, 2011

Listers, consider the words of St. Ambrose, the mentor of St. Augustine: "Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God. No one is excepted, not [even] the infant." St. Ambrose ("Concerning Repentance," c. 387 A.D.) SPL Introduction to... Read More →

The Early Church on Abortion: 8 Quotes Before AD 400

History Theology

SPL Staff • November 10th, 2011

**Listers, the issue of abortion did not rise amongst the technological advances of modernism. **It is a tragedy that has plagued humanity for millennia. The following are quotes from our Early Church Fathers. As the modern world is embracing a neo-paganism,  let us stand against the... Read More →
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