Listers, the following is a list of famous - maybe even infamous - politicians and public servants who are Knights.1

  1. Samuel Alito, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  2. Carl A. Anderson, former Special Assistant to the President Ronald Reagan (1983-1987) and Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus
  3. William P. Atkinson, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  4. John Moran Bailey, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee (1961–1968)
  5. William Banach, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  6. Charles A. Barnard, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  7. Leo Bernier, former cabinet minister in the Ontario provincial government
  8. John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives
  9. Hale Boggs, former U.S. House Majority Leader
  10. François-Philippe Brais, Canadian lawyer and politician
  11. Jeb Bush, former Republican Governor of Florida
  12. Felix Perez Camacho, Governor of Guam
  13. Hugh Carey, former Democrat Governor of New York
  14. Denis Coderre, Canadian Member of Parliament (Canada)
  15. Michael Copps Costello, former mayor of Calgary, Alberta
  16. Richard J. Daley, second longest-serving mayor of Chicago
  17. Hilario Davide, Jr., 20th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
  18. Laurent Desjardins, former cabinet minister in the Manitoba provincial government
  19. John Dingell,United States Democrat Representative from Michigan
  20. W. Patrick Donlin, Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals
  21. Bob Dornan, pro-life advocate, actor, and former California republican congressman
  22. Martin Patrick Durkin, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor
  23. Bernard J. Dwyer, former U.S. Representative from New Jersey
  24. John Engler, former Republican Governor of Michigan
  25. Raymond Flynn, former U.S. ambassador to the Holy See and former Democrat Mayor of Boston
  26. James E. Finnegan, former Attorney General of Wisconsin
  27. Mike Fitzpatrick United States Republican congressman from Pennsylvania
  28. Tom Galligan, former mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana
  29. Phil Gingrey, U.S.Republican Congressman from Georgia (Council 4599, Marietta, GA)
  30. Gary R. Goyke, member of the Wisconsin State Senate
  31. Bernard Grandmaître, former cabinet minister in the Ontario provincial government
  32. John W. Griffin, pollitician from Ohio
  33. Andrew P. Harris, U.S. Republican congressman from Maryland.
  34. John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
  35. Alan Keyes, political activist, author and former diplomat
  36. Frank Mazzei, member of Pennsylvania Senate.[1]
  37. Alvan Lafargue, Louisiana physician and politician
  38. Jeff Landry, United States Republican congressman from Louisiana
  39. T. John Lesinski, former Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
  40. Manuel Lujan Jr., Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior
  41. Joe Manchin, United States Senator from West Virginia
  42. John McCormack, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  43. Dale McKenna, member of the Wisconsin State Senate
  44. Alex X. Mooney, former Maryland state senator, current chairman of the Maryland Republican Party.
  45. George B. Mowad, former mayor of Oakdale, Louisiana
  46. Vincent B. Murphy, former New York State Comptroller
  47. Rob Nicholson, Canadian Member of Parliament, Minister of Justice and Attorney General
  48. Richard C. Nowakowski, former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  49. Steven Point, Canadian Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
  50. Pablo Rodriguez, Canadian Member of Parliament (Canada)
  51. Mike Rounds, Republican Governor of South Dakota
  52. Alfred-Valère Roy, Canadian politician
  53. Edward R. Roybal, former Democrat member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California
  54. Todd Rokita Republican congressman from Indiana
  55. Gerry St. Germain, Canadian Senator
  56. Rick Santorum, former Republican United States Senator for Pennsylvania
  57. John G. Schmitz, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Orange County, California
  58. John Shelley, former mayor of San Francisco, California (1964–1968)
  59. Sargent Shriver, former U.S. ambassador to France and first director of the Peace Corps
  60. Al Smith, former Democrat governor of New York, Democrat nominee for President in 1928
  61. Lary J. Swoboda, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  62. Roger Teillet, former Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs
  63. Ricky Templet, Louisiana state representative[2]
  64. John Volpe, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation and former Governor of Massachusetts (1961-1963 & 1965-1969)
  65. Stephen Woodworth, Canadian Member of Parliament
  66. Malcolm Wilson, former governor of New York
  67. Caesar Trunzo Former Republican state senator from New York.
  68. Louis Tobacco, New York State Assembly Member 62nd District
  69. J. Emile Verret, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, 1944-1948
  70. Chris d’Entremont, Canadian Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Nova Scotia provincial government, former Minister of Health and Acadian Affairs