Listers, in little over a year St. Peter’s List has become a rapidly growing community of faithful Catholics. Our I Stand with the Catholic Church graphics have been used in religious liberty rallies around the nation and listers have sent fantastic photos of themselves and their loved ones standing for Holy Mother Church. SPL cannot thank you enough for your support and we invite you to continue to check our website daily for news, lists, and updates to the SPL Store. Cheers and Keep Calm and Catholic On.


Timothy Cardinal Dolan “gives ashes at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Ash Wednesday in New York, Feb. 22, 2012. Over the weekend Dolan was elevated from and archbishop to cardinal in a ceremony at the Vatican.” (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

20. The Idiot’s Guide to Fasting and Abstinence: 5 Things to Know

Drawing from Canon Law, Sacred Tradition, the Early Church Fathers, and Papal teaching SPL writer John Henry gives an excellent introduction to fasting and abstinence.

1983 Code of Canon Law:

Can. 1250 The days and times of penance for the universal Church are each Friday of the whole year and the season of Lent.

Can. 1251 Abstinence from meat, or from some other food as determined by the Episcopal Conference, is to be observed on all Fridays, unless a solemnity should fall on a Friday. Abstinence and fasting are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Christians have always set aside Wednesdays and Fridays as penitential days. Wednesday was the day Our Lord was betrayed and Friday was the day Our Lord was crucified. In most Eastern Catholic churches and Orthodox churches Wednesdays and Fridays are still days of penance. In the Latin Church, only Fridays remain as weekly penitential days on which abstinence from meat and other forms of penance are performed. [Read More]


19. 5 English Hymns Every Catholic Should Know

SPL writer CL Davis lists all five hymns with a brief introduction. For the hymn Hail, Holy Queen, Enthroned Above, he writes: This classic English hymn is really a poetic translation of the ancient “Salve Regina Coelitum” of the Roman Missal. Thanks to Whoopi Goldberg’s rousing interpretation of this hymn in her movie “Sister Act,” it is even recognized amongst many non-Catholics.” [Read More]


"Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world" - Blessed 
Pope Pius IX

18. Regina Sanctissimi Rosarii: 6 Things All Catholics Should Know About the Rosary

Another heavily commented list, John Henry explains the ancient origins of the Holy Rosary and its purpose. “Why pray the Most Holy Rosary? The answer is actually quite simple: It is the request of the all Power Virgin Queen and Mother, Mary. However, one cannot truly call themselves a Roman Catholic if one does not write an entire volume explaining why.” [Read More]



17. 6 Things to Know about the Miracle of the Holy Fire

Our list on Holy Fire has proved to be one of our most controversial and commented on article. While the comments devolve into Catholic vs. Orthodox apologetics/polemics, the list itself serves as an introduction to the reoccurring Orthodox event. The “miracle” itself may be describe as such: The Greek Orthodox Patriarch enters the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday - according to the Orthodox calendar. He proceeds into the Tomb of Christ and begins to pray. A fire is then miraculously enkindled by the Holy Spirit – supposedly the power of the resurrection – and is shared rapidly throughout the Church and all those who are waiting outside. To be clear, it is said that Pope Gregory the IX declared “Holy Fire” a fraud in AD 1238, but a primary source is needed to confirm this papal statement. Today, the miracle is not recognized by the Catholic Church, but is considered a pious tradition of certain Orthodox Churches. [Read More]


16. 5 More Short Stories Every Catholic Should Read

One of many popular literary lists by Catherine, the “5 More” list sequel to her original short stories list - found below - continues to offer entertaining and engaging short stories for the Catholic mind. Catherine opens the list with the following question, “Listers, fiction has a savage appeal to authors and readers because they get entertainment out of some character’s suffering or unhappiness. However, to the credit of all fans of the written word, they also derive entertainment in a resolution, but that always means that something must first be resolved. Why are we, members of humanity, so obsessed with this tension between conflict and resolution?” [Read More]


15. Know Thyself: 10 Reflections from St. Teresa of Avila on the Spiritual Life

Listers, St. Teresa of Avila, one of the great doctors of the Church, wrote some of the most beautiful and animated descriptions of the intricacies of the spiritual life. Although some of her ideas and descriptions appear to be strange to the modern mind, her words still have something to give to this present age, an age of narcissism and selfishness. For example, I attended an evangelical school and always snarkily spoke of such-and-such girl who was “married to Jesus.” Little did I know that such an accusation was really a compliment. [Read More]


14. 8 Quotes from Golden Mouth on Raising Children

Listers, one of the most important basis for children’s spiritual formation is a strong foundation of faith made by their parents. This task is a massive long-term undertaking, which requires the parents to approach their vocation with fear and trembling. [Read More]

“Let us pass to the despotic part of the soul, spirit. We must not eliminate it utterly from the youth nor yet allow him to use it all the time. Let us train boys from earliest childhood to be patient when they suffer wrongs themselves, but, if they see another being wronged, to sally forth courageously and aid the sufferer in fitting measure.” —An Address on Vainglory and the Right Way for Parents to Bring Up Their Children, 66.

 SPL has several lists founded upon the wisdom of St. John Chrysostom.


13. 6 Type of Catholic Churches: The Basics

Listers, there are many kinds of Catholic Churches, and each kind has further subclasses which make for a rather confusing classification system. Here is a quick list comprised of highlights from the Catholic Encyclopedia pages on various kinds of Churches. [Read More]


12. 8 Prayers Every Catholic Should know in Latin

Listers in 1978 Bl. Pope John Paul II said, “We exhort you all to lift up high the torch of Latin which is even today a bond of unity among peoples of all nations.” Even Vatican II and Pope John XXIII lauded Latin and asked that it remain the universal language of the Church; however, today the Roman Church has turned its back on Latin and blamed it on the ever-shifting spectre or “spirit” of Vatican II. SPL collected 14 quotes on the importance of Latin in the Church and drew many from the actual Vatican II documents and from post-Vatican II popes. Continuing in this proper understanding of Sacred Tradition, it is only fitting that the listers have a list to help them develop their use of Latin. The following prayers are all the prayers one would need to pray the Holy Rosary in Latin. Enjoy. [Read More]


11. 5 Quotes from St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s “The Story of a Soul”

Listers, many people often say that writings by many saints who were monks and nuns are hard to apply outside of the consecrated life. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, monks and nuns perhaps have more time to sit in active prayer than those who are called to the married life, but that does not mean that the spiritual advice they give is inapplicable to the outside world. For a while, I brushed those works off. I thought that those works had little to no bearing on my life. I thought that even if I were to read those works there was no possible way I could pass muster. However, an opportunity arose to read St. Thérèse of Lisieux when some of my friends decided to form a reading group. [Read More]


The Trappist Beers via Robin Vanspauwen/Bram Weyens

10. The 7 Authentic Trappist Ales

In 1997, eight Trappist abbeys—six from Belgium (Orval, Chimay, Westvleteren, Rochefort, Westmalle and Achel), one from the Netherlands (Koningshoeven) and one from Germany (Mariawald) – founded the International Trappist Association (ITA) to prevent non-Trappist commercial companies from abusing the Trappist name. This private association created a logo that is assigned to goods (cheese, beer, wine, etc.) that respect precise production criteria. For the beers, these criteria are the following:

The beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by or under control of Trappist monks. The brewery, the choices of brewing, and the commercial orientations must obviously depend on the monastic community. The economic purpose of the brewery must be directed toward assistance and not toward financial profit.

This association has a legal standing, and its logo gives to the consumer some information and guarantees about the produce. [Read More]


9. Glory of Rome: 5 Latin Hymns Every Catholic Should Know

Listers, our study of the best hymns within the treasury of the Church continues with a look at the Latin hymns all Catholics should know. [Read More]


8. 25 Reader Recommended Blogs of 2012

Listers, SPL’s list of 12 Catholic Blogs Worth Your Time garnered a large lister response of other notable Catholics blogs. As promised, we’ve composed a list of the 25 lister recommended blogs. SPL has also articulated a list of the Top 10 Catholic News Sites, which includes popular sites such as New Advent and the National Catholic Register. [Read More]


7. 12 Catholic Blogs Worth you time of 2012

Listers, the following collection of blogs represents the best Catholic voices online. The list is not necessarily in a strict order. If you think there is a blog(s) that should be featured on St. Peter’s List please do not hesitate to name and link the blog in the comment box and we’ll see what we can do. Also, please note this is a list of blogs – and even though SPL has included some that stretch the limits of a blog, other excellent news sites like New Advent and Life Site News will be featured elsewhere. SPL did not list itself, but you can find more lists from us on Twitter and Facebook. [Read More]


6. Top 10 Catholic News Sites of 2012

Listers, it almost goes without question that the mainstream media does not understand religion, much less the one true faith of Holy Mother Church. Catholicism cannot be boiled down to a list of doctrines, but demands a formation of the intellect and way of thinking. To properly report on Catholicism a Catholic news source is a necessity. The following sites represent the best Catholic news outlets available to the laity, and have been distinguished from SPL’s list of the Best in Catholic Blogging. [Read More]


5. Catholics, Obama, and the HHS Mandate: 16 Political Cartoons of 2012

Listers despite the enormous amount of protests and the arduous work of many Catholics and Catholic media companies to spread awareness about the HHS Mandate, President Obama still stands strong in the polls less than 40 days out from the election. The following collection is taken from various sources and composes only a fraction of the material available. Additionally, SPL has provided our introductory paragraph to our gallery of graphics addressing Holy Mother Church and the HHS Mandate. [Read More]


4. The Domestic Church: 7 Steps to a Proper Catholic Home

It has been said that the Catholic home should be seen as “The Domestic Church”. With this being said, the Father is the head, the Mother is the beloved spouse, and the children are brought up learning to love and serve the Blessed Trinity. The true head of the Catholic home is Christ, just as the Head of the Church is the Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness. Christ should be known and recognized in each Catholic home as King; the family’s week should be centered around the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and prayer is a must. [Read More]


3. 5 Short Stories that Every Catholic should Read

Listers, The genre of the short story is a particularly extraordinary human invention. In a matter of two hours or less, the short story can illustrate some complexities of life without taxing the mind with deep philosophical terms or concepts. As some of us don’t have the proclivity to have intense philosophical and theological discussions on the various nuances of life and faith, the short story provides us with a brief vision on the robust nature of the Christian existence. Many people would suggest that short stories are just for children. However, I would argue that adults need short stories as well. It is one of the few welcome outlets in which adults can hold up a mirror to themselves and observe what they see, warts and all. [Read More]



Cardinal Ratzinger solving the world’s problems over beer.

2. Pope and Beer: 9 Photos to Brighten Your Day

Listers, praise be to Jesus Christ Our Lord that we are not Puritans. Christ did not change wine into water, he change water into wine; and ever since then our Church has had a long and proud history of brewing and refining alcoholic beverages. The following are several photos featuring Cardinal Ratzinger, German beer memorabilia from Pope Benedict XVI’s journey to Germany, and other papal products for your enjoyment. [Read More]


1. I Stand with the Catholic Church: 10 Graphics in Defense of the Church

Listers, the HHS mandate has jolted the soporific Catholic Church in America into action. We are at war. We are in a multi-front conflict that cannot be reduced to violations of religious liberty. The Church is calling the faithful to stand against the scourge of abortion, the unnatural and artificial recreation of marriage and family, and the inalienable right for Catholics to worship God in the mass and serve him in the poor according to the truth of the Gospels. As our world abandons God and natural law for the dictatorship of relativism, Holy Mother Church is calling us to defend the faith and to promote that which is natural and rational in man. [Read More]

Those interested in the lister community that has grown out of these graphics can check out photos sent in by the community - You Do Not Stand Alone: 14 Photos from the Lister Community.