SPL has been keeping tabs on AMU’s ongoing protest against the Obama Administration. Here are the videos:

Ave Maria University Announces It Will No Longer Offer Students Health Insurance


Ave Maria University Announces It Will Sue the Feds Over the HHS Mandate


**President Towey responds to the Obama Administration’s “Compromise” or “Accommodation.” **


President Towey’s original response to the HHS Contraception Mandate. Ave Maria University released this video a little after 9pm on February 6th.


Ave Maria University President Jim Towey speaks out against the HHS mandate requiring all institutions to provide services for contraceptives in their healthcare plans. Ave Maria University: http://www.avemaria.edu


The primary responsibility of a president of a Catholic University is to defend and protect its Catholic mission and identity. Ave Maria University is going to fight the Federal Government’s mandate that we provide contraceptive services as part of our healthcare plan. We’re doing this because we feel morally compelled to follow the Catholic Church’s teachings and also to express our own rights of religious liberty. It is not the right of the Federal Government under Obamacare to require us to provide services that are morally unacceptable to us. We respect the rights of other colleges and universities to look at this question differently and to provide contraceptive services in their healthcare plans. Ave Maria University chooses not to provide those services because of our faithfulness to Catholic teaching, and it is not the right of the federal government to come and coerce us and, in effect, force us to violate our rights of conscience in order to comply with an unjust mandate. Ave Maria University will take its fight to Washington, we will be meeting with our elected officials in Congress and in the United States’ Senate, and we will be exploring what legal remedies are in front of us at our March Board of Trustees meeting. But one thing is certain: Ave Maria University will fight this mandate of the Federal Government and will not comply with it. Thank you.