A Selection of Lists on St. Thomas Aquinas

Listers, Pope Leo XIII once said that St. Thomas Aquinas was “like the sun, he heated the world with the warmth of his virtues and filled it with the splendor of his teaching.”1  He has been lauded by Pope Benedict XVI as having “an exquisitely Eucharistic soul.”2 Even in his time, Pope Pius X claimed that the Summa Theologica  ”should never have been allowed to fall into disuse” and that those who have stepped away from the work have “exposed themselves to grave risk.”3 Despite what happened after Vatican II, the Council actually called for the Angelic Doctor to be held in high esteem and taught throughout the Roman Catholic Church.4 Father Robert Barron has claimed renewing the study of St. Thomas Aquinas will renew the Church.5

Our Church is suffering what is arguably the greatest catechetical crisis since the Protestant Reformation. Our Saints and Popes call out for the Roman Catholic Church to turn back to her Universal Doctor. In the midst of this serious subject of renewal, please enjoy these lighthearted memes. Please also check out the above lists that catalogue the magnificent teachings of Aquinas. For the renewal of the Church, we pray to the Lord.


Aquinas Meme 1


Aquinas Meme 2

Aquinas Meme 3


Aquinas Meme 4


Aquinas Meme 10


Aquinas Meme 5


Aquinas Meme 6

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Aquinas Meme 8


Aquinas Meme 9


Aquinas Philosopher Meme


Aquinas Birdhouse Meme

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