Listers, we received the follow gallery of photos back in October from a lister in Chesapeake, Virginia. She writes:


St. Benedict’s parish (Chesapeake, VA) celebrated the 95th anniversary of the Fatima apparition. With several parishes from the area we marched a Eucharistic procession from Star of the Sea Catholic Church to the 17th St. Park in Virginia Beach. We prayed the rosary and sang hymns both ways, and at the park heard a small message from each priest (Frs. Nichols and Byrne from our church, and Fr. Novokowsky from Star of the Sea). It’s the first of an annual tradition.


SPL has written on Our Lady of Fatima and her sayings to the Faithful in Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima: 4 Things You Must Know About Our Lady of Fatima.